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The Genealogy Pages of the Meadows-White-Frank-Selletti Family

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Family Member Profile: Sandra Wilkie

Cousins Sandra Wilkie & Barb Selletti

Sandra Wilkie

My Second Cousin Once Removed


Sandra's Lineage:
1. Daughter of Martin Cyrus & Betty Jean Oliver Wilkie, Jr.
2. Granddaughter of Martin Cyrus "Cy" & Jeannie Annie "Grace" Beatrice Rhoney Wilkie, Sr.
3. Great Granddaughter of Rufus John "Luke" Morrow & Unity Susannah Ruppe Wilkie
4. GGreat Granddaughter of Dr. James B. & Mary "May" Selina Morrow Wilkie
5. GGGreat Granddaughter of Rev. William & Sarah "Sally" Hunt Wilkie. William was the first pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Rutherfordton, Rutherford Co., NC.
6. GGGGreat Granddaughter of Rev. William & Elizabeth Jobes Wilkie (DAR reference code is RXPZXFBK.) William Wilkie Sr. married Elizabeth and their children were born in Chatham Co. NC. He enlisted in the militia in the Hillsboro District and was among those captured by British and Tories near Hillsboro and taken prisoner to South Carolina. His name is among those who were listed as prisoners on the prison ship "Forbay".
7. GGGGGreat Granddaughter of Capt. Alexander Andrew Wilkie
8. GGGGGGreat Granddaughter of James & Isabel Peterkin Wilkie of Fordyce, Banff, Scotland.

Researching the Following Names:

Barley, Bates, Bayliss, Brace, Bridges, Burns, Collier, Collins, Durrett, Evans, Floyd, Gardner, Hampton, Harris, Humphrey, Hunt, Jackson, Jobes, Jones, Johns, Lloyd, Locke, Lynch, Mann, Maris, Mathias, Matthews, Mendenhall, More, Morrow, Newman, Nonnenmacher, Oliver, Parkham, Pettypool, Pierson, Quinn, Ragsdale, Rhowney, Ruppe, Sanford, Smith, Stambach, Stroude, Tucker, Tuckey, Wehrling, Wilkie, Wilsmith, Wilson, Wyche, & Wythe

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