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The Genealogy Pages of the Meadows-White-Frank-Selletti Family

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The Family Lines of the White Family: William Thomas White

William Thomas White was born 14 Jun 1853 in Cleveland Co., NC; died 12 Nov 1936 in Alma Mills, Cherokee Co., SC.  He was the son of Jeremiah White and Nancy "Nannie" R. Green.  He married Jane Grace Runyan on 18 Dec 1878 at the home of her father, A. D. Runions, in Cleveland Co., NC.


1853 Born in NC

1860 Rutherford Co., NC Census

          White, Jeremiah  Head  25  SC

           --------,  Nancy       Wife  24   NC

           --------,  Thomas     Son   7     NC

           --------,  Emly         Dau   4    NC

            -------,  Monroe      Son   2    NC


1870 Census  Cleveland Co. NC  Twp. #6  PO: Shelby page: 33

219 233  Wiley, John W.     52  M  W  Farmer                  NC

                         , Elizabeth   41

                         , Franklin     29

                         , Allice          18

                         , Annie          16

                         , Cornelia      14

                         , John            10

                         , Susan          8

                         , Elliot            6

                         , Willie           2

               White, Thomas      16  M  W  Working on Farm  NC


From Susie Kinserlow:

   Barb. Apparently they stayed in Cleveland County, NC. On 1870 census Monroe was living with the A Leadman family in Cleveland page 101B - image 199 on Ancestry. He was 14. Thomas was 16 and living with a John W. Wiley and wife. He said he was 16 years old. Census was taken in August 1870.  I found a William White 65, wife Susannah 57, William B. 21, Barbary 30, Nancy 28 or 38 if this Jere's Nancy she should be 34. On 1880 census,  Nancy White 48, should be 44, Monroe 20, should be 22, Georgia 6, this means she was born about nine years after Jeremiah died. Since most people could not read or write at that time all they had to go on was memory and as you know it gets worse with age. Incidentally they were still in Cleveland County.


1876 Marries Jane Runyan in Cleveland Co., NC


1880  NC Census (Cleveland Co. Rippys) E Dist. 67  Page 22  Twp # 3  Roll: T9_958; Family History Film: 1254958; Page: 492D

187    White, Thomas           Head       W  M  M  26  Tenant                 NC  NC  NC

                   ,  Jane                Wife        W  F  M  23   Keeping House   NC  NC  NC

           Able,   John                Laborer   B  M  M   20   Laboror               SC  SC  SC

           Husenton, Auguston  Laborer   B  M  S   19    Laboror               NC  NC  NC

188    White, Phillip             Head       W  M M   32                                NC  SC  NC

                    , Charista         Wife         W  F  M  27


Sometime between 1880 & 1910, the family moves to Cherokee Falls, Cherokee Co., SC


1900  Cherokee Co., SC Census Cherokee Falls (Town)  Cotton City  ED 2  Sheet 3A  (June 1, 1900)

33 34   White, Thomas      Head    W  M  June 1855    44  M  22          NC  NC  NC  Rolling Filling

                     ,  Mrs Jane    Wife     W  M March 1858  42  M  22  8  6  NC  NC  NC 

                     ,  Jessie         Son     W  M  March 1881  19  S                NC  NC  NC  Runs Speeder

                     ,  David          Son      W  M  Sept 1885    16  S                NC  NC  NC  Cotton Mill weaver

                     ,  Adolphus    Son      W  M  June 1888    14  S                NC  NC  NC  Doffer

                     , Miss Sallie  Dau     W  F   Aug 1890      10  S                NC  NC  NC  Cotton Mill Spinner

                     ,  Isaac          Son      W  M  Feb 1893       7   S                NC  NC  NC

                     ,  Vitha           Dau      W  F  Feb  1896      4   S                NC  NC  NC


1910 Cherokee Co., SC Census Cherokee Twp  Cherokee Falls (Town)  ED 2  Sheet 4B April 18, 1910

66 78  White, Thomas  Head           M  W  52 M1  32            NC  NC  NC   Laborer  Cottonmill

                       Janie      Wife            F   W  60 M1  32  8  6   NC  NC  NC    None

                       Ike          Son             M  W  19  S                   NC  NC  NC    Weaver  Cottonmill

                       Bithis     Dau             F   W  16  S                   NC  NC  NC    Laborer  Cottonmill

                       Jessie    Son             M  W  29  M1   9           NC  NC  NC    Carder    Cottonmill

                       Hattie     Dau in law  F   W  28  M1   9  0   0   NC  NC  NC   None


1918 Wife Jane dies during the Influenza Pandemic  (Buried at New Hope Baptist Church in Earl, Cleveland Co., NC)        

1920 Kings Mountain Census ?


1930 SC Census Cherokee Co.  Blacksburg

324 355 White, William T.   Head  O  1500  M  75  M  23  SC  NC  NC  None

                          Callie          Wife                 F   49  M  40  SC  SC  SC   None


1936 Dies in Blacksburg, Cherokee Co., SC

Obit: Gaffney Ledger November 13, 1936

William T. White, 83, is Claimed by Death; Funeral Services Will be Held at Earl Church Today.

   William Thomas White, 83, died about 6:45 o'clock Tuesday morning at the home of his son, J. D. White at Alma Mills. He had been in declining health several years.

   Funeral services will be conducted at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the Baptist church at Earl, NC by the Rev. B. B. Hill. Interment will be in the cemetery with the Shuford-Hatcher Company morticians, in charge.

   Pallbearers will be Jerry, Oscar, Boyd, and Floyd White, J. D. Hammett and Claud Hammett. Mr. White is survived by his wife; two sons, J. A. and Ike White of Gaffney; two daughters, Mrs. Sallie Pennington of Gaffney and Mrs. Bertha Hammett of Kings Mountain, NC; and a sister, Mrs. Georgia Camp, of Earl, NC.


Cherokee Co., SC Death Certificate File #17099              Registration Dist. 1003        Registered No. 87

1) Place of Death: Cherokee Co.  Limestone Twp.  Gaffney City   Home address: "C"

2) Full Name: William Thomas White               3) Sex: Male           4) Color or Race: White

5) Married              5a) Mrs. Callie White

6) Date of Birth: June 14, 1853            7) Age: 83 Years, 4 Months, 26 Days

8) Occupation: Farmer         9-11) N/A

12) Birthplace: NC

13) Father: Jerry White        14) Birthplace: NC                                15) Mother: Nancy Greene 16) Birthplace: NC

17) Informant: J.A. White; Gaffney, SC

18) Burial: New Hope           Date: Nov. 12, 1936

19) Undertaker: Shufford-Hatcher Co.

20) Filed: 12/14/1936            Mrs. C.C. Greene, Registrar

21) Date of Death: Nov. 10, 1936

22) I HEREBY CERTIFY, That, I attended deceased from Nov. 6, 1936 to Nov 10, 1936. I last saw him alive on Nov 9, 1936, death is said to have occured on the date above at A.M. The principal cause of death and related causes of importance in order of onset were as follows:

Nephritis...Cl...Difer...tital (Unable to make out handwriting). Valvular Heart Dis...(Unable to make out handwriting)       Was there an autopsy?  NO

23) N/A                  24) Was disease or injury in any way related to occupation of deceased?  NO        Signed: J. Carterart, MD, Gaffney, SC



White, W. T. June 14, 1854 ------

White, Janie March 10, 1858 October 2, 1918

White, Infant Sons of WT & J February 14, 1879 March 17, 1880

Children of William & Jane Runyan White:

i.      Infant Son White, born 14 Feb 1879; died 14 Feb 1879.

ii.    Twin Infant Son White, born 14 Feb 1879 in NC; died 14 Feb 1879 in NC.

iii.    Jessie D. White, born Mar 1881 in NC; died 1926 in Gastonia, NC; married Hattie LNU 1901; born in SC.

iv.    David Runyan White35, born 17 Sep 1883 in Earl, Cleveland Co., NC; died 28 Dec 1932 in Blacksburg, Cherokee Co., SC; married (1) Augusta Byars Abt. 1905; born Feb 1887 in York Co., SC; died Mar 1917 in Cherokee Co., SC; married (2) Zora L. Parker Bef. 1930; born 1901; died 03 Dec 1935 in Blacksburg, Cherokee Co., SC.

v.    James Adolphus White36, born 13 Jun 1886 in Earl, Cleveland Co., NC; died 03 Jan 1946 in Alma Mills, Cleveland Co., NC; married (1) Nellie Mary Pugh 1904 in Cleveland Co., NC; born 03 Jan 1888; died 02 Sep 1907; married (2) Clara Ella Justice 1908 in Cleveland Co., NC; born 23 Jul 1891 in NC; died 02 Sep 1970 in Cherokee County Memorial Hospital, Blacksburg, Cherokee Co, SC.

vi.    Sallie White37, born 15 Aug 1890 in SC; died Mar 1940 in Gaffney, Cherokee Co., SC; married (1) Frederick Billington 1906 in Cleveland Co., NC; born Bef. 1890; died Bef. 1920; married (2) Joseph Monroe Pennington 1923 in SC; born 25 Dec 1889; died 20 Dec 1962 in V.A. Hospital, Columbia, SC.

vii.    Isaac White, born 27 Feb 1892 in Buffalo, SC; died 16 Feb 1948 in Chesnee, Spartanburg Co., SC; married Lillian Owensby Abt. 1911 in Cherokee Co., SC.

viii.    Bytha White, born 26 Feb 1896 in NC; died 26 Feb 1969 in Kings Mountain, NC; married Lee Roy Hammett, Sr. Abt. 1913; born 16 Jan 1892 in Wilkinsville, Cherokee Co., SC; died 16 Aug 1926 in Cherokee Falls, Cherokee Co., SC.

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