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The Genealogy Pages of the Meadows-White-Frank-Selletti Family

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Tony's Paternal Line: Birth Family

This page lists Tony's paternal line of descent. For more information, check individual pages featured on this website. This is a work in keep checking back!

1. Br. Anthony Louis R. Nicholas Gargiulo-Selletti, SFO. He is the son of Marilyn R. Lorman Costello & the late Robert Francis Gargiulo. He married Sr. Barbara Jane Mary Victoria White-Frank, SFO in Delaware Co., PA. She is the daughter of Carolyn Parnese Meadows White Crotts & the late Paul Thomas White.
2) Grandson of Bernardo S. Gargiulo & Grace Catherine Schambach.
3) Great Grandson of Francesco Gargiulo, Sr. & Maria Verde; Robert P. Schambach & Elizabeth Winrow.
4) 2nd Great Grandson of  Giosui Verde, John Julius Schambach, Mary Margaret Hodge, William Henry Winrow, Sr & Emma Porter Minor.
5) 3rd Great Grandson of Julius Schambach, Mary LNU, John Hodge, Catherine Baker, George Winrow, Mary Nodine Wilson, Noble G. Minor, & Harriet Johnson.
6) 4th Great Grandson of Johann Carl Schambach, Sophia Adelaide Rottmann, Judson Minor, & Mary Green.
7) 5th Great Grandson of Timothy Minor, Jr & Elizabeth Downs.
8) 6th Great Grandson of Timothy Minor, Sr, Elizabeth Judson, John Downs, Sr & Ann Hine.
9) 7th Great Grandson of Ephraim Minor, Rebecca Curtiss, John Judson, Jr, Sarah Beers, Deliverance Downs, Rebecca Lobdell, Samuel Hine, & Abigail Miles.
10) 8th Great Grandson of John Minor, Elizabeth Booth, Israel Curtiss, Rebecca Beardsley, John Judson, Sr., Elizabeth Chapman, James Beers, Jr., John Downs, Sr., Mary LNU, Simon Lobdell, Persis Pierce, Thomas Hine, Elizabeth Lane, Samuel Miles, & Hannah Wilmot.
11) 9th Great Grandson of Thomas Minor, Sr., Grace Palmer, Richard Booth, Elizabeth Hawley, John Curtiss, Elizabeth Welles, Williams Beardsley, Mary Harvey, Joseph Judson, Sarah Porter, John Chapman, Martha LNU, James Beers, Sr., Martha Barlow, Nicholas Lobdell, Jane LNU, Thomas Pierce, Elizabeth Carew, Thomas Hine, Sr., Alice Swift, William Lane, Richard Miles, Mary Katherine Elithorpe, Benjamin Wilmot, & Elizabeth Heaton.
12) 10th Great Grandson of Clement Mynor, Sarah Pope, Walter Palmer, Elizabeth Smith Brewster, Richard Booth, Elizabeth Massey, Samuel Hawley, Kathleen Booth,  


Here's Tony with his sister, Roxanne, during a visit to Raleigh, NC.

More Info to Come!