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Consolation of Christ Bereavement Ministry

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Stella Maris Gift of Tears Retreats


Stella Maris is our special "By the Sea" Grief Retreat Patroness
'First pray for the gift of tears, so that through sorrowing you may tame what is savage in your soul. And having confessed your transgressions to the Lord, you will obtain forgiveness from Him' (Evagrius of Pontus, On Prayer, 5).
Stella Maris Gift of Tears Retreats

What is the Stella Maris Gift of Tears Retreat?

A grief retreat is a chance to renew, not just escape.

One of the greatest difficulties of grieving is that even though death happens, life does not stop.

Bills still need to be paid, kids still go to school, If we are lucky, we may be able to take a little time off to take a breath.

Grief forces us to change our lives, and ourselves. Taking time to reevaluate, pray, and truly comprehend what has happened is a vital part of this process.

A retreat is an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in healing with no distraction, in a relaxing, supportive and positively charged atmosphere with others who are in different stages of grief themselves. Obviously,the longer retreats are more intensive and productive to start you in your healing process, but one day can be enough to kickstart you on the road to healing.

Our "by the sea" grief retreats offer not just an escape from the pain, but actual healing from grief. When we begin healing, we can live again.

List of related books:

Gift of tears: A practical approach to loss and bereavement counselling by Susan Lendrum & Gabrielle Syme. 

The Inspiration of Hope in Bereavement Counselling by John R. Cutcliffe. 

Check our calendar for the schedule. Contact us for more information.

Pray for peace through the powerful intercession of Jesus, Mary, St. Michael and St. Francis.